Wayne Morse Integrity in Politics Award 2018

The Wayne Morse Historical Park Corporation has announced the Wayne Morse Integrity in Politics Award recipients for 2018. The co-recipients are Oregon’s U.S. Senator Ron Wyden and U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley. Honoring the legacy of Senator Wayne Morse,  this award recognizes elected officials who demonstrate the highest level of integrity, and a willingness to take principled action on behalf of the public good, even at considerable political cost.

“At a perilous moment in our national project, Oregon is privileged to have you in the United States Senate,” wrote WMHPC board president, Johnny Earl, to this year’s award winners. “You strive to find legislative solutions beyond narrow partisan interests and carry forward Oregon’s independent spirit…Your long records of public service are combined with early advocacy for working families and senior citizens in our state.”.

Integrity Award Presentation to Senator Wyden:  Sunday, December 2nd

WMHPC will present the Wayne Morse Integrity in Political Award to Senator Wyden on Sunday, December 2, 2018, at the beginning of his Lane County Town Hall. Please join us at 3 p.m. at the South Eugene High School Auditorium for the Award Presentation.


photo credits: www.wyden.senate.gov and www.merkley.senate.gov

Summer Display at the Eugene Public Library 

WMHPC’s Summer 2018 display about life at Wayne Morse Family Farm entitled – Nancy, Judy and Amy on the Farm with the Morse Horses – is running until August 31 at the Eugene Public Library in the first floor children’s section.

Fun, child-friendly miniatures, ribbons and awards, family photos, stuffed animals and books show visitors how much the family loved and cared for their horses and ponies which they rode all over the South Eugene hills. The whole family knew how to ride horses well enough to win showand racing competitions at the County and State Fairs. The family’s Edgewood Farm provided lots of quiet and serene corners to have uninterrupted reading time –plenty of time to read about horses. Click on the image above to enlarge.

WMHPC has been busy this year! Visit our events page to see what we’ve been doing.


Wayne Lyman Morse is celebrated for his legacies of independent judgment and integrity throughout his public service as a renowned federal labor arbitrator and four-term United States Senator from Oregon. He led the University of Oregon’s School of Law for 14 years, where he was the nation’s youngest law school dean at the time of his appointment…

…The causes that Wayne Morse spoke about so eloquently continue to dominate our national debate. His words and vision provide ongoing inspiration for all who seek to carry on his commitment to public service, integrity, world peace and the rule of law.

Read more about Morse in our biography by clicking on this PDF link (22 pages/325k).



The Wayne Morse Historical Park Corporation established the Wayne Morse Legacy Scholarship in 2011 to recognize and help support an Oregon student who seeks access to higher education and has demonstrated or may be inspired by the Senator’s legacies of public service, integrity, commitment to principle and independence. Seven outstanding students have been selected thus far – attending Portland State, Oregon State, the University of Oregon and Lane and Portland Community Colleges. Read more about the Legacy Scholarship program and scholarship recipients on our scholarship page.

We’re working to secure long-range funding for the Legacy Scholarship. Donors can help in two tax deductible ways: (1) Making a direct contribution for the scholarship. Contributions can be sent to Wayne Morse Historical Park Corporation, 595 Crest Drive, Eugene, Oregon 97405, ATTN: Legacy Scholarship. (2) Purchasing a granite paver at the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza at the Lane County Courthouse in Eugene.  A 4-inch by 8-inch brick-sized engraved paver costs $250; a 4-inch by 15-inch paver costs $500; a 15-inch by 13-inch paver costs $750 and a 23-inch by 15-inch paver costs $1000. All proceeds but the engraving costs go to the Legacy Scholarship fund. Limited quantities of each size are available. For further details about pavers, contact us at integrity.award@gmail.com or (541) 682-5380.


 Wayne Morse Family Farm

Edgewood Farm on Crest Drive was the home of Wayne Morse and his family from 1936 to 1974. Formerly a working cattle and horse farm, it is currently a 26-acre multi-use City of Eugene Park, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The house and farm are also supported, in interpretive and preservation efforts, by the Wayne Morse Historical Park Corporation. For history about the Farm and the Morse family home check our National Register page. Information about the Park including rentals of the picnic shelter and the house which are administered by the City of Eugene is available on our Park page.

Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza

The Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza honors an Oregonian whose career epitomized, for supporters and opponents alike, political integrity and courage and provides a location for thoughtful civic discourse. Amid the pavers and plaques highlighting Wayne Morse’s contemporaries and events in his lifetime, one can gain a wealth of wisdom in the quotations as well as lessons in 20th Century American history and politics. Plan a visit to the Plaza at the Lane County Courthouse, East 8th Avenue and Oak Street, Eugene. To read more about the Plaza and its history, click here.

On the Trail of the Tiger

Discover additional information on the Park and Plaza as well as other Wayne Morse sites in Eugene by downloading our tour brochure, “On the Trail of the Tiger,” PDF (2 legal size 8.5×14 pages/550k). Each site offers opportunities to learn about a remarkable Oregonian and reflect on his legacies.