2019 WMHPC Board of Directors 

Johnny Earl – President and UO Morse Center Liaison, Eugene
Melanie Lee – Vice President, Eugene
Harriet Behm – Secretary, Eugene
Jane R. Smith – Treasurer, Eugene

Linda Duggan, Scholarship Committee Chair, Eugene
Jan Mueller, Collections Manager & Preservation and Collections Committee Chair, Eugene
Frank Vignola, Communications Chair, Eugene
Mary Lou Vignola, Membership Chair, Eugene

Darelle Baker, Eugene
Dan Buckwalter, Eugene
Jean Kang, Eugene
Mary Kirtley, Eugene
Robert Lee, Eugene
Moshe Lenske, Portland
Marlene Nesary, Eugene
Lucinda Muniz-Hale, Eugene
Larry Perry, Eugene
Jerry Smith, Eugene

Ex-Officio Board
Rebecca Flynn, Co-Director, Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics, Eugene
Nora Hagerty, Site Manager
Ellen Herman, Co-Director, Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics, Eugene
Betty Taylor, City Councilor, Eugene 

Advisory Board
Louise Beaudreau, Portland
Louise Bock, Myrtle Creek
John Gustafson, Bethesda, MD
Margaret Hallock, Eugene
Ann Penny, Walterville
Kitty Piercy, Eugene
Grant Schott, Portland
Peter Sorenson, Eugene

Board Meetings: WMHPC Board meetings are held the second Sunday of each month, except July, August, and December, at the Morse home, unless otherwise noted. The WMHPC Annual Meeting is held on the second Sunday in January. All paid members of the WMHPC may attend. Further details about the Annual Meeting are sent to members by mail prior to the meeting.