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EdgewoodFarm1936  Morsecornergate

Morsesonhorseback  MorsesinBuggy1955

Clockwise: Edgewood Farm, 1936, 2 views; Wayne and Mildred Morse in their buggy, at the Crest Drive residence; the Morse family on horseback.



Wayne Morse and his three girls with an American Saddle horse and Dalmation dog bred by the family on their farm, December 1940.

 National Register of Historic Places

The Wayne Morse Family Farm was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1999, through combined efforts of the WMHPC, the City of Eugene Historic Preservation Office and graduate students in the University of Oregon Historic Preservation program. The property was nominated as an important example of the early work of local architect Wallace Hayden and the long time residence of U. S. Senator Wayne Morse.

Wallace S. Hayden was an architect in Eugene and a professor at the University of Oregon from which he graduated in 1928. He designed Wayne and Mildred Morse’s Crest Drive home in the Colonial Revival style, a style popular in Oregon in the 1930s. Hayden also designed the Farm’s outbuildings and eventually worked with the City of Eugene on design of the Park’s picnic shelter which was added in 1982.

Learn more about Wayne Morse’s Edgewood Farm, the family home and life on the farm by clicking on this Edgewood PDF link (3 pages/80K). Read more about Wallace Hayden by clicking on this PDF link.