Wayne Morse Integrity in Politics Award 

In 1987, the Wayne Morse Historical Park Corporation launched the Wayne Morse Integrity in Politics Award to encourage integrity in politics and government. The Award recognizes elected officials who uphold the ideals exemplified and upheld by Oregon’s U. S. Senator Wayne Morse throughout his political life and career.

Recipients of the Wayne Morse Integrity in Politics Award have met the following criteria:
They currently serve or have served in elected office
They have demonstrated
— strong commitment to public service
— integrity, that is, demonstrating moral soundness especially in dealings that test
— steadfastness to truth and purpose.
— commitment to justice, that is, to fair processes and a concern for all members of society
— independence, unmoved by influence and political expediency
— courage, that is, a willingness to take principled stands even at a great political cost

The Wayne Morse Integrity in Politics Award plaque restates the pledge Morse made to his constituents:

I will exercise an independence of judgment based on the evidence of each issue. I will weigh the views of my constituents and party but cast my vote free of political pressure and unmoved by threats of loss of political support.


1987:     Rose Bird, Chief Justice, California Supreme Court
1988:     U.S. Senator Lowell Weicker, Connecticut
1989:     President James Carter
1991:     U.S. Senator Paul Simon, Illinois
1993:     U.S. Representative Henry Gonzales, Texas
1995:     U.S. Senator William Proxmire, Wisconsin
1997:     U.S. Representative Jim Leach, Iowa
2002:     U.S. Representative Barbara Lee, California
2018:     U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley, Oregon
2018:     U.S. Senator Ron Wyden, Oregon