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595 Crest Drive, Eugene, Oregon 97405 • (541) 682-5380

The Wayne Morse Historical Park Corporation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1975, promotes awareness of Wayne Morse’s legacies and stewardship for historical resources at Wayne Morse Family Farm Park.

Our activities focus on assisting the City of Eugene with preserving the Park as a National Historical Site; coordinating with the University of Oregon’s Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics on projects that explore Morse’s life and legacies; recognizing elected representatives and others in public life who demonstrate the Morse attributes of personal and political integrity; offering opportunities to learn about Oregon history and politics; interpreting a collection of Morse family and political memorabilia.

WMHPC achievements include the following:

  • Led efforts to preserve Edgewood Farm, the Morse family home, as a Eugene City Park and have it placed on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Established the Wayne Morse Legacy Scholarship in 2011 to inspire students to the Morse qualities of integrity, independence, strong principles, and commitment to public service
  • Initiated the Wayne Morse Monograph Series in 2006 with the UO Wayne Morse Center to celebrate Senator Morse’s legacy and aid future understanding of his work
  • Launched the national Wayne Morse Integrity in Politics Award to encourage integrity in politics and government, with nine elected officials honored since 1987
  • Spearheaded fundraising and design for the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza at the Lane County Courthouse, dedicated in 2005 as a place for citizens to speak freely and openly
  • Promoted efforts to name Eugene’s Federal Courthouse for Wayne Morse in recognition of his fierce commitment to the rule of law throughout his public life
  • Assisted research for Mason Drukman’s Wayne Morse: A Political Biography, published by the Oregon Historical Society Press, and supported productions of “American Gadfly,” a one-man play about Wayne Morse by Charles Deemer that premiered at the Park

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