The Wayne Morse Historical Park Corporation

The Wayne Morse Historical Park Corporation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1975, promotes awareness of Wayne Morse’s legacies and stewardship for historical resources at Wayne Morse Family Farm Park.

Our activities focus on assisting the City of Eugene with preserving the Park as a National Historical Site; coordinating with the University of Oregon’s Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics on projects that explore Morse’s life and legacies; recognizing elected representatives and others in public life who demonstrate the Morse attributes of personal and political integrity; offering opportunities to learn about Oregon history and politics; interpreting a collection of Morse family and political memorabilia.

WMHPC has been busy this year! Visit our events page to see what we’ve been doing.

Wayne Lyman Morse
Wayne Lyman Morse is celebrated for his legacies of independent judgment and integrity throughout his public service as a renowned federal labor arbitrator and four-term United States Senator from Oregon. He led the University of Oregon’s School of Law for 14 years, where he was the nation’s youngest law school dean at the time of his appointment…

…The causes that Wayne Morse spoke about so eloquently continue to dominate our national debate. His words and vision provide ongoing inspiration for all who seek to carry on his commitment to public service, integrity, world peace and the rule of law.

Read more about Morse in our biography by clicking on this PDF link (22 pages/325k).



Statue at the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza in Eugene, OR

Finding Wayne Morse in Eugene

Use our guide, “On the Trail of the Tiger,” to discover Wayne Morse sites in Eugene by downloading this PDF (2 legal size 8.5×14 pages/550k). All offer opportunities to learn about a remarkable Oregonian and to reflect on his legacies.

Wayne Morse Legacy Scholarship

The Wayne Morse Historical Park Corporation established the Wayne Morse Legacy Scholarship in 2011 to annually recognize and help support an Oregon student who has demonstrated or may be inspired by the Senator’s legacy of public service, integrity, strong principles and independence. The scholarship is funded by the sale of inscribed paving stones in the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza and by private contributions.

Read more about the program on our Scholarship page.

Wayne Morse Legacy Scholarship 2014 Recipient

The Wayne Morse Historical Park Corporation recently announced this year’s winner of the Wayne Morse Legacy Scholarshp is Merriam Weatherhead, a junior at the University of Oregon majoring in sociology. Read more here…